Professional Lawn Care Services

Whether you have a small lawn or a large estate, a professional can give your lawn the attention it needs to thrive and maintain its green hue. Lawn maintenance services can include seeding, line application, tree and shrub care, and mosquito control. These services should be part of a yearly lawn care service plan to ensure the health of your lawn and property.

During the summer, pests such as grubs and sod webworms can wreak havoc on your lawn. Their grubs and eggs will cause the grass to look scorched and can strip the blade of its green color. In extreme cases, you may need to hire a professional lawn care service to eradicate these pests for you. Here is a useful reference about Lawn Care Services

Fall is a time when you can still maintain a healthy lawn, even during winter. The fall is the last chance of the year to get your lawn looking good. If you do the proper lawn maintenance in the fall, your efforts will pay off in the spring. And you can also use fall lawn care activities to prepare your lawn for the harsh winter season ahead.

Lawn maintenance is a delicate task and requires special knowledge and skills to keep it looking its best. Many homeowners shy away from lawn care altogether due to a lack of free time, working tools, or technical expertise. In addition, maintaining a regular schedule for lawn maintenance can be very time-consuming and tiring. If you can’t spare the time to dedicate to lawn maintenance yourself, a lawn care company like Eden is a great choice.

Fertilization is an important part of lawn care, and it should be done on a regular basis. Using a lawn fertilizer is a good way to replenish lost nutrients. Ensure that you use the right type and amount of fertilizer. Having a soil test done can also help you determine the proper timing of fertilization.

Spring is also a good time for overseeding your lawn. Depending on your area, you may need to do a small amount, or a large area. It depends on the kind of turfgrass you have in your yard. There are warm-season and cool-season varieties, and you should choose the one that will best suit your climate. In addition to fertilizing, you should aerate your lawn to improve the flow of air, water, and nutrients throughout your lawn.

Fall is also an important time for lawn maintenance. Getting rid of thatch – a buildup of dead plant matter over your lawn – is an essential step in boosting grass growth. This buildup often occurs in the fall, so it is crucial to get rid of it during this time. Excess thatch can suffocate your lawn and prevent it from receiving proper sunlight and moisture.

Spring lawn maintenance is also important to assess your lawn’s health after a long winter. A good spring raking can remove accumulated leaves and thatch, and allow space for new grass to sprout. It can also help you determine whether your grass needs fertilization. Raking can also reveal the extent of damage caused by snow mold.